Collection: Cybernetic Arboretum

Embark on a journey where the organic meets the synthetic with Catatonic Divas’ Cybernetic Arboretum. This crochet collection is a seamless blend of nature’s raw beauty and the sleek lines of the future, presented in a palette of Grey, Brown, Magenta, Lime, Orange, and Blue.

The collection features 10 Stripehound Sweaters, each boasting bold, futuristic stripes that evoke the speed and dynamism of digital landscapes. The 9 Puff Beanie Sets are a nod to the softness of flora, with pops of color that bring to mind the vibrant life of a technicolor forest. Completing the ensemble are the 9 Symmetry Scarves, their patterns a homage to the perfect geometry found in nature’s design, reimagined for the world of tomorrow.

Each piece in the Cybernetic Arboretum is a statement of harmonious contrast, crafted for those who walk the line between the verdant past and the vibrant future. Catatonic Divas invites you to dress in the essence of a world where every thread is a fusion of what was and what is yet to come.