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Catatonic Divas

Circuit Blossom (Puff Beanie Set)

Circuit Blossom (Puff Beanie Set)

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**Embark on a Cosmic Journey with "Circuit Blossom"**

In the heart of the Cybernetic Arboretum, where technology dances with nature, two mesmerizing knit beanies emerged – "The Magenta Mirage" and "The Grey Galaxy."

**The Magenta Mirage:**
Picture a burst of magenta, vibrant and alive, hand-crafted by our cosmic artisans. The beanie comes to life, the rhythmic hum of machines weaving a tale of warmth and style. A chic grey puff and trim crown this cosmic creation, inviting you to embrace the bold allure of the Magenta Mirage.

**The Grey Galaxy:**
Enter the quiet elegance of a grey base, a canvas for celestial wonders. The hand-cranked machine weaves its magic, while a splash of magenta in the handmade puff and trim paints a stellar narrative. The Grey Galaxy beckons, capturing the essence of a starlit night and propelling your style into the cosmos.

As "Circuit Blossom" unfolds, it's not just a duo of knit beanies; it's a cosmic story waiting to be adorned. Join the Cybernetic Arboretum tale and let "Circuit Blossom" become a chapter in your own cosmic journey.

100% Acrylic

Care: Use mild detergent. Hand wash your hat in cold water, as hot water can release dyes from the fabric, resulting in fading. Hang dry. Avoid direct sunlight when wet to prevent fading.


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