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Catatonic Divas

Nature is a Prism (Spectrum Sweater)

Nature is a Prism (Spectrum Sweater)

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"Nature is a Prism" is a harmonious crochet sweater that effortlessly blends the serene beauty of the natural world with the mesmerizing play of colors. This earthy garment is a visual ode to the lush outdoors, boasting a rich palette of earthy green, deep red, and calming blue hues.

The intricate crochet work mimics the texture of leaves, the warmth of the sun-soaked earth, and the serenity of a clear sky. As you slip into this sweater, you'll feel as if you've brought the essence of a pristine forest, a vibrant garden, and a tranquil lake with you.

The earthy green represents the evergreen forests and the resilience of nature, while the deep red hints at the vibrant blooms of wildflowers and the pulse of life coursing through the natural world. The calming blue invokes the serene waters of lakes, rivers, and oceans, bringing a sense of tranquility to your attire.

"Nature is a Prism" is more than just a sweater; it's a wearable canvas that captures the essence of the great outdoors and the spectrum of emotions they evoke. Wrap yourself in its warmth and artistry, and you'll carry the beauty of nature with you, wherever you go.

One of a kind.

Loose ends are a detail of the sweater. Everything is secure.

Fits sizes: Medium, Large, and X-Large

100% Acrylic

Care: Use mild detergent. Hand wash your sweater in cold water, as hot water can release dyes from the fabric, resulting in fading. Hang dry. Avoid direct sunlight when wet to prevent fading.


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