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Catatonic Divas



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We are unleashing CRUNCHY TIME, a 3-Inch Clear Backed Sticker that captures the wild spirit of our beloved feline, Crunchy. This sticker is a playful homage to those unexpected moments of feline frenzy, featuring Crunchy in mid-screech, her image caught in a whimsical digital glitch. The vibrant colors and jagged pixels blend to create a visual cacophony that’s as loud and lively as Crunchy’s most vocal moments. Whether she’s reacting to a surprise visitor or just expressing her unique cat personality, this sticker is a fun, eye-catching representation of those loveably chaotic times.

Perfect for personalizing laptops, skateboards, or phone cases, CRUNCHY TIME is a must-have for cat lovers and digital art enthusiasts alike.


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